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Board of Appeals
Monday, March 19 2007
TIME: 7:00 p.m.
LOCATION: at the Town Hall
Special Business Meeting


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town of Taycheedah Board of Appeals will meet on Monday, March 19th, 2007, at 7:00 p.m., at the Taycheedah Town Hall for the purpose of entering into closed session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(g), to confer with legal counsel for the governmental body who is rendering oral or written advice concerning strategy to be adopted by the body with respect to litigation in which it is or is likely to become involved. Topics: Conditional Use Permits issued to SBA, Inc. and Ken Ogie.

At the conclusion of the closed session, the Board of Appeals may reconvene into open session to act on the advice received from its legal counsel.

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that pending formal action by the Board of Appeals, public hearings regarding the matters will be duly noticed.

Dated the 8th day of March, 2007.

Brenda A. Schneider
Secretary, Board of Appeals


The Board of Appeals members met for a closed session meeting on March 19, 2007, at the Town Hall. Members present were: Chairman Jim Rosenthal, Bob Holzman, John Buechel, Gale Burg and Angie Prull. Also present were Town Clerk Brenda Schneider and Attorney John St. Peter.

Call to order. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Attorney St. Peter read the notice. Angie Prull motioned to enter into closed session at 7:04 p.m., seconded by Bob Holzman. Motion carried unanimously by roll call vote. Town Chairman Jerry Guelig was invited.

Angie Prull motioned to reconvene into open session at 8:07 p.m., seconded by Jim Rosenthal. Motion carried unanimously by roll call vote.

SBA/SUBcarrier. The legal options were presented by John St. Peter. Gale Burg motioned to resolve that the SBA Conditional Use Permit be assigned to SUBcarrier, with a term to expire June, 2008, provided assignment is approve subject to receipt of $3000 for forfeiture, fees and expenses, receipt of a $50,000 bond, renewal application must be submitted within 6 month prior to June, 2008. Seconded by John Buechel. Motion carried (5-0).

Transamerica Recovery Service, Inc. The attorney reviewed the history. John Buechel motioned to authorize legal counsel to contact Transamerica to discuss the status of the conditional use permit. Legal counsel is authorized to acknowledge the non-conforming use status of the property. The Board of Appeals continues to believe the use should be subject to a CUP. Seconded by Gale Burg. Motion carried (5-0).
Gale Burg motioned to adjourn at 8:17 p.m., seconded by Angie Prull. Motion carried (5-0).

Brenda A. Schneider
Town Clerk

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