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Comprehensive Planning Committee
Thursday, May 17 2007
TIME: 6:30 p.m.
LOCATION: at the Town Hall
Monthly Meeting


1. Call to order.
2. Approval of minutes.
3. Review Draft Chapter:
I. Housing.
4. Discuss the Community Survey.
5. Public Comment.
6. Adjournment.

Brenda A. Schneider


The Town of Taycheedah Comprehensive Planning Committee met on Thursday, May 17, 2007, at 6:30 p.m., at the Taycheedah Town Hall. Members present at the meeting were: Ed Braun, Tim Krawczyk, Neal Nett, Rebecca Ries, Brenda Schneider, Joe Thome and Mike Wirtz. Member Joanne Thome was excused. Also in attendance were approximately 5 residents.

1. Call to order. Chairman Ed Braun called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
2. Approval of minutes. Mike Wirtz motioned to approve the minutes of the April 19th meeting, seconded by Joe Thome. Motion carried (8-0-1 absent).
3. Review Draft Chapters: Chapter 4.0 Housing.
General observations: The document needs a list of definitions/glossary, there is little discussion of existing/preferred housing and too much discussion on alternatives/green construction.
Revisions, Corrections or Clarifications requested:
Pg. 4-1 *Introduction paragraph insert “(Town)” behind Town of Taycheedah.
*Existing Housing Supply first paragraph correct 20.6 % to “19.2%” and delete the word percent.
*Insert “in the Town” behind 161 new lots approved. Where was this data derived?
*Clarify what is meant by Taycheedah area?
Pg. 4-2 *Paragraph at the top of the page: strike “(i.e. 10% of the overall housing stock as something other than single-family detached residential)”.
Pg. 4-3 *Age and Quality of Housing Stock: Table 15, correct the total “# of Units in the Town” to 1407.
*Second paragraph: correct “the new Building Inspector” to the “Town’s Building Inspector”.
*Third paragraph: insert a period after community and strike “and evaluating each housing unit based on visual appearance. The theory is that exterior condition generally correlates with interior conditions”.
*Fourth paragraph: change homes to “developments”.
Pg. 4-4 *Age and Quality of Housing Stock: last paragraph, strike : two in the hamlet of Taycheedah and one larger grouping along USH 151 north of Peebles and insert “are scattered throughout the Town”.
Pg. 4-5 *Table 17, 2000 OWNER-OCCUPIED HOUSING VALUE, total number of unit is 995. This total appears inconsistent with Table 14 that illustrates 1,298 Single Family Detached Homes and 33 mobile homes. Does this mean the Town has 336 +/- seasonal homes?
Pg. 4-6 *First paragraph: 109 renter-occupied housing units also appears inconsistent.
*Housing Affordability Analysis: strike the entire last paragraph which begins with Manufactured housing is far more affordable than site built housing…..
*Need a definition of low-income housing, manufactured home, mobile home and stick-built home.
Pg. 4-7 *Strike entire top paragraph which begins with Another strategy that could be further considered….

Comprehensive Planning Committee Page 2
May 17th, 2007

*Opportunities for Housing Choice: First paragraph. Committee needs clarification of what is meant by Opportunities for low-income housing are limited in Taycheedah.
*First paragraph: strike last sentence which begins with The Town of Taycheedah Zoning Ordinance….
*Third paragraph: Change 35 acres to “5 acres for Agricultural Districts”.
*Strike the sentence that begins with The expense of purchasing a 35+ acre lot….
*Last sentence: change since Taycheedah is served to “portions of Taycheedah are served…”.
Pg. 4-8 *Future Housing: Third checkmark, finish the sentence that ends with easy access to either USH 151.
*Need a definition for lot splits, planned unit development and overlay district.
Pg. 4-9 *Delete photographs.
*What is the purpose of **** at the end of Nursing Facilities?
Pg. 4-10 *Conservation Subdivision Designs: strike the word to in the second sentence as in natural features lost to in order….
*Delete the first checkmark Typically, at least 40% of the site will be permanently protected from future development. This 40% should be in addition to those areas….
Pg. 4-12 *Economic. Second checkmark, correct trials to “trails”.
*Third checkmark: strike means and does not have and rephrase sentence to end “may reduce pressure on the local government to construct or maintain…”.
*Environmental/Hydrological. Second paragraph: rephrase the second sentence to state “A density bonus may be rewarded to the developer for preserving a higher percentage of open space than is prescribed by ordinance.”
*Need to define density bonus.
*Last paragraph: Committee needs clarification regarding the ownership of lands deed-restricted against further development.
The Committee will meet on Tuesday, June 5th, at 6:30 pm, to continue the review of the Housing Chapter.
4. Discuss the Community Survey. Tabulation of the surveys is ongoing. Approximately 700 have been received. An estimated 60 remain to be tabulated.
5. Public Comment. Quick & Smart Photography will take a photo of the Committee, Town Board members and Plan Commission for insertion in the Comprehensive Plan. Quick will do the photos in exchange for a credit line under the pictures. The Committee will plan on a group photo shoot in the fall and the Town Board and Plan Commission next spring.
6. Adjournment. Mike Wirtz motioned to adjourn at 9:00 p.m., seconded by Rebecca Ries. Motion carried (6-0-1 absent).

Respectfully Submitted,

Brenda Schneider
Committee Secretary

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