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Comprehensive Planning Committee
Thursday, June 21 2007
TIME: 6:30 p.m.
LOCATION: at the Town Hall
Monthly Meeting


1. Call to order.
2. Approval of minutes.
3. Review of Draft Chapter:
4.0 Housing.
4. Present the Draft Chapters:
5.0 Transportation
6.0 Utilities & Community Facilities
5. Discuss the Community Survey.
6. Public Comment.
7. Adjournment.

Brenda A. Schneider


The Town of Taycheedah Comprehensive Planning Committee met on Thursday, June 21st, 2007, at 6:30 p.m., at the Taycheedah Town Hall. Members present at the meeting were: Ed Braun, Jerry Guelig, Tim Krawczyk, Neal Nett, Rebecca Ries, Brenda Schneider, Joanne Thome, Joe Thome and Mike Wirtz. Also present was Jeff Sanders, OMNNI & Associates. Also in attendance were approximately 4 residents.

1. Call to order. Chairman Ed Braun called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.
2. Approval of minutes. Mike Wirtz motioned to approve the minutes of the June 5th meeting, seconded by Rebecca Ries. Motion carried (9-0).
3. Review Draft Chapters: Chapter 4.0 Housing.
An index of definitions will be incorporated in the document.

Revisions, Corrections or Clarifications requested:
Pg. 4-1 *Existing Housing Supply: verify the number of new lots created between 2001-2006.
Pg. 4-1 *Existing Housing Supply: change Taycheedah area to “Taycheedah and surrounding area”.
Pg. 4-6 *Definitions needed: low- income housing, manufactured home, mobile home and stick-built home. Change low income to “affordable”.
Pg. 4-7 *Substitute the photos with photos of new and older manufactured homes located in the Town of Taycheedah.
Pg. 4-13 *Sustainable Development & Green Building Design: Delete entire section. Mr. Sanders informed the Committee that the American Planners Association and the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Planners Association is of the opinion that a Plan is flawed if this section is not included in a Comprehensive Plan.
Pg. 4-14 *House Locations on Lots.
Mr. Sanders included this section in response to the SWOT exercise and the values exercise conducted at the Kick Off meeting.
Pg. 4-15 *House Locations on Lots:
2nd check mark: Delete Residences should be located adjacent to tree lines and wooded field edges, if available. If not, homes should be clustered on the edges of farm fields.
4th check mark: Delete Discourage development (i.e. homes, water towers, cellular towers, etc.) on hilltops because it can disrupt scenic, open and rural vistas.
5th check mark: Delete Existing farm roads should be incorporated into subdivision designs.
7th check mark: Insert “Whenever possible” at the beginning of the sentence.
10th check mark: Substitute limited with “kept to a minimum” and strike (i.e. lawn area).
Pg. 4-15 *Housing Programs.
Wisconsin Act 9 requires this section.

Comprehensive Planning Committee
June 21st, 2007

4. Present the Draft Chapters: 5.0, Transportation; and 6.0 Utilities, & Community Facilities. The Transportation and Utilities & Community Facilities Chapters were presented.
5. Discuss the Community Survey. Tabulation of the surveys nearly complete. Joanne Thome is in the process of compiling the results.
6. Public Comment. None was received.
7. Adjournment. Rebecca Ries motioned to adjourn at 8:55 p.m., seconded by Neal Nett. Motion carried (9-0).

Respectfully Submitted,

Brenda Schneider
Committee Secretary

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