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Board of Review
Wednesday, January 30 2008
TIME: 5:00 p.m.
LOCATION: at the Town Hall
Reconvened Meeting


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on January 30, 2008, at 5:00 p.m., at the Town of Taycheedah Town Hall, W4295 Kiekhaefer Parkway, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, the Town's Board of Review will reconvene for the purpose of hearing a property assessment appeal.

Dated this 7th day of January, 2008.

Brenda A. Schneider, Town Clerk


The Town of Taycheedah Board of Review reconvened on Wednesday, January 30th, 2008, at 5:00 p.m., at the Town Hall, for the purpose of re-hearing the Sager objection due to a malfunction of the tape recorder during the August 6th, 2007, hearing. Members present were Jerry Guelig, Mike Wirtz, Tim Simon, John Abler, Jim Bertram and Brenda Schneider. Also present were Assessor Bill Huck and Town Attorney John St. Peter. Worth Court Reporting was also present.

The Clerk introduced the following objection filed by Steven P. and Mary M. Sager:

T20-16-18-99-DE-160-00 N8136 Deadwood Point Road
Land: $218,500 Improvements: $538,200 Total: $756,700

Steven Sager and Assessor William J. Huck, Sr. were sworn in.

Chairman Guelig outlined the Board of Review procedure.

Steven Sager’s testimony and responses to questions were as follows:
• His opinion of the fair-market value of the land is $178,500 for the house lot and roughly $7,000 on the 1.5 acre lot; which would be a total of about $185,000.

January 30th, 2008 Board of Review 4.

• The house lot has 140 feet of lake frontage; which is valued at $1,500 per lineal foot. Which equates to $210,000; which is then reduced by 85% to $178,500; because the lot is slightly oversized.
• Mr. Huck told him in the past that the value on the 1.5 acres is $45,000.
• The parcel adjacent to the 1.5 acres is owned jointly by Mr. Spies and Mr. Sager. The average per acre assessed value of the adjacent lot is $4,687.50. (Exhibit #1)
• He also presented assessment information on a parcel owned by Mark & Terry Kivley. The average assessed value per acre is $12,755. (Exhibit #2)
• The objection documents from the August 6th, 2007 hearing were entered as an exhibit. (Exhibit #3)
• Fond du Lac County Code Enforcement Department has denied him a permit to build any structures on the 1.5 acres. The Fond du Lac County Board of Appeals refused his variance petition.
• He stores firewood and shore stations for his pier on the 1.5 acre lot.
• The 1.5 aces is wooded and a little swamp.
• The official objection form and Mr. Sager’s personal letter were entered. (Exhibit #4)
• He has never docked a boat on the 200 foot wide/1.5 acre lot. His son duck hunts on it 2-3 times a year.
• The advantage he receives is that it is a buffer. He does not want neighbors.
• It is not usable as lake frontage.
• He purchased it about 10 years ago.
• He combined the parcel with the house lot when they bought the 1.5 acres in 1997. He wanted to avoid the expense of a certified survey map for a separate lot. The estimates savings was $1,500-2,000.
• Total lake frontage of his property is 340 feet: 140 feet for the house lot and 200 feet for the 1.5 acre lot.
• He recognizes that the total square footage of his property was increased with the addition of the 1.5 acres; which theoretically meant that he could increase the square footage of impervious surfaces. However, he does not intend to increase the square footage of hard-surfaces.

There was discussion as to the actual size of the additional lot. Per tax records, the lot was 1.8 acres.

Assessor William Huck, Sr.’s testimony was as follows:
• Explained the assessment record for the property. (Exhibit #5)
o $218,500 assessed value of the land determined as follows:
• 140’ lake frontage x $1500 x 85% = $178,500 (house lot)
• 180’ lake frontage x $500 x 50% = 45,000 (1.8 acre portion)
o He made a 2007 Open Book reduction of $5,000 due to the wetlands issue.
o The home was built in 1998.
o Improvements were increased $15,400 due to basement remodel and bathroom addition
o The estimated cost for the basement remodel was $21-22,000.
o Total assessment is $756,700.
• Presented sales comparables:
o T20-16-18-99-DE-150-00 (Exhibit #6)
• 100 feet of lake frontage
• Assessed at $150,000
• Sold for $287,000
o T20-16-18-99-DE-030-00
• 140 feet of lake frontage
• Similar home
• 2004 sale of $550,000
o Town of Fond du Lac, Tom Hiedl, Winnebago Drive
• Home approximately 60 years old
• Recently sold for just under $700,000
• Spies lot, T20-16-18-09-16-003-00, 1.27 acres, does not have road access, is landlocked, includes an estimated 180 feet of lake frontage, is assessed at $29,100. This lot is not comparable.
January 30th, 2008 Board of Review 5.

• Reviewed a Fond du Lac County GIS map of the area in question; specifically the 1.8 acres Sager parcel and the 1.27 acres Spies lot. (Exhibit #7)
• Assessor maintains the assessment is fair.

Board of Review deliberations:
• The property is unique and therefore difficult to compare to others.
• Impervious surface rule is an issue with the property. It is estimated, based upon the assessment record that the house alone is at the maximum square footage for the main lot. Therefore, the additional 1.8 acres adds a benefit to the entire property.
• The addition of the 1.8 acres to the initial lot provides a benefit in value.
• The 1.8 acres is a type of wildlife sanctuary.
• Minority opinion that the assessment should be reduced due to the assessed value of the adjacent Spies lot.


Jim Bertram motioned to sustain the assessment as established by the Assessor, seconded by John Abler. Roll call vote:
Mike Wirtz yes
Jim Bertram yes
John Abler yes
Tim Simon no
Jerry Guelig yes
Brenda Schneider yes Motion carried 5 yes/1 no.


Jim Bertram motioned to adjourn the Board of Review at 6:25 p.m., seconded by Mike Wirtz. Motion carried (6-0).

Attest: _____________________________________
Brenda A Schneider, Clerk

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