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Park & Rec Committee
Monday, August 3 2009
TIME: 6:30 p.m.
LOCATION: at the Taycheedah Town Hall



1) Discuss 2009 projects:
a) Hermanns Park development.
b) Kiekhaefer Park maintenance and projects.
c) Volunteer Workdays
2) Public Comments.
3) Adjournment.

Brenda A. Schneider
Town Clerk


The Park & Rec. Advisory Council met on Monday, August 3rd, 2009, at 6:30 p.m., at the Town Hall. Present were Chairperson Earl Jewett, Jason Meyer, John Abler, Bob Roehrig, John Rickert, Jim Bertram, Ed Braun and Laura Pierret and Secretary Brenda Schneider. Absent were: Frank & Mary Alaniz, Janet Velasco, and Gary Morgen. Also present were: Adolph & Virginia Schneider.

Chairperson Jewett called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

1) Discuss 2009 projects
a) Hermanns Park:
(1) The local 4-H group, led by Judy Bertram, has installed weed barrier, several plantings, and mulch. Pavers were donated by Randy Jacobs.
(2) Adolph & Virginia Schneider are interested in donating a flagpole.
(a) The Town has obtained used street light poles from the City of Fond du Lac.
(b) The most visible location would be near the sign.
(c) Lighting of the flag is an issue. Chair Jewett has contacted a few neighbors who are willing to put the flag up and down on a daily basis.
(i) Alliant doesn’t provide assistance with new services.
(ii) The Schneiders insist there be lighting. They prefer ground lighting, street light lighting or solar lighting; in that order.
(d) The consensus was that the pole could be installed with research on the lighting options to follow.
(3) Evergreen Court right-of-way has had a walking-path width of rocks cleared. Ed Braun motioned to order signs designating all rights-of-way and public accesses located in the Town of Taycheedah, seconded by Bob Roehrig. Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.
(4) Border trees were planted by Tim Preston along the east boundary line. The trees were donated by the Netts.
b) Kiekhaefer Park:
(1) Sled hill lights--
(a) Alliant will not provide assistance. The cost may be $1,100 for the extension and a transformer.
(b) A decision needs to be made regarding the type of base, the style of light and the timer.
(2) Retention Pond—
(a) No plantings have been done to stop erosion.
(b) Thistle has grown in it. They need to be eliminated and the area mulched. Typar and stone may also be used.
(c) It was unknown as to who is responsible for the needed repairs. It was noted that the pond was constructed at the request of an adjacent neighbor; at his cost. However, the restoration was never completed.
(d) The Committee would like the Town Board to inform the Committee when there are changes planned to Kiekhaefer Park.
(3) Prairie management—
(a) Volunteers from the Master Gardeners and Marian University will help to stop the spread of sumac on August 31 from 1:30-3:30.
(b) Thistle control is also a problem. The Committee will attempt a fall spraying.
(c) A Boy Scout is working on his Eagle Scout Project. He will also help with Park projects.
(d) The Cub Scout Pack erected 15 more birdhouses.
(4) Trail Signs—
(a) The Committee has been working on bike and trail closed signs
(5) Park Regulation signs—
(a) Bob Roehrig has an extra sign that he will place at the south entrance.
(b) The sign will be re-formatted for easier reading; which will be posted in the kiosk.
(6) Erosion Control—
(a) The snowmobile club will take care of or help stop erosion at the area at the end of the right-of-way.
August 3rd, 2009 Park & Rec. Advisory Council 2.

(7) Observation Hill fence—
(a) The Committee discussed installing a fence at the top and bottom of observation hill. Bob Roehrig motioned to purchase and install plastic snow fence at the top and bottom of said hill, seconded by Jim Bertram. Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.
(8) Railroad bed drainage—
(a) Silt has accumulated on the area of the old tracks.
(b) Committee plans to extend the 6” drainage tile several 100 feet to the existing ditch area. A mini-excavator could do the work.
(9) Trails—
(a) Bob Roehrig and Earl Jewett will continue planning the trail designations.
(10) Benches—
(a) The snowmobile club will donate one bench.
(b) Janet Velasco is doing further research.
(11) Kiosk—
(a) Laura Pierret is taking care of updating material as needed.
(b) Laura plans to create a “family corner”; which would include items of interest. The topics would change on a monthly basis.
(12) Silica Road parking lot—
(a) The DNR has the entire hill, from the driveway extending to the east, as a registered landfill site.
(b) The Committee consensus was to create a lot, large enough for eight vehicles, to the west of the driveway.
(c) The fence will need to be re-configured.
(d) John Abler and Mike Sabel will do further research.
c.) Volunteer Workdays—The Committee will develop a list of assignments that volunteers could work on at their own schedules.
(1) Trenching railroad right-of-way
(2) Water bars/erosion control
(3) Lights
(4) Thistle/sumac/other invasive weed control
(5) Trail signs

2) Public Comment. None given.

3) Adjournment. Ed Braun motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:17 pm, seconded by Bob Roehrig. Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.

Brenda A. Schneider

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