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Calumet San. Dist., Town of Fond du Lac San. Dist. #2, Johnsburg San. Dist., Taycheedah San. Dist. #1, Taycheedah San. Dist. #3 and the Taycheedah Tow
Wednesday, August 12 2009
TIME: 2:00 p.m.
LOCATION: at the Taycheedah Town Hall
Joint Meeting


The above noted entities will meet with representative of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to discuss the Winnebago Drive reconstruction project.

Brenda A. Schneider
District Recording Secretary

Please note, upon reasonable notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of disabled individuals through appropriate aids and services. For additional information or to request this service, please contact Brenda Schneider at 921-5224.


The Commissioners of the Calumet Sanitary District, Town of Fond du Lac Sanitary District No. 2, Johnsburg Sanitary District, Taycheedah Sanitary District No. 1, Taycheedah Sanitary District No. 3 – St. Peter Area Sanitary District and Taycheedah Town Board met on Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 at 2:00 p.m., at the Taycheedah Town Hall.
Members present were:
Calumet Sanitary District CSD): President Dick Wehner and Commissioner Alice Lemke. Absent was Commissioner Dave Burg.
Town of Fond de Lac Sanitary District No. 2 (FdL#2): President Brian Balson and Commissioner Bob Giese. Absent was Commissioner Tom Beltz.
Johnsburg Sanitary District (JSD): President Franz Schmitz and Commissioner Dennis Lefeber. Absent was Commissioner Ken Schneider.
Taycheedah Sanitary District No. 1 (TSD#1): President Sig Tomkalski and Commissioner Karen Schwengels. Absent was Commissioner Dennis Thome.
Taycheedah Sanitary District No. 3 – St. Peter Area Sanitary District (TSD#3): President Bill Gius and Commissioner Mike Sabel. Absent was Commissioner John Rickert.
Taycheedah Town Board: Absent were Chairman Jerry Guelig and Supervisors Jim Rosenthal, Tim Simon, Clarence Kraus and John Abler.
WDOT: Bruce Rayden, Matt Haefs, Al Rommel and Warren LaDuke.
Also present: Ron Cunzenheim, REC Engineering; Brenda Schneider, Town Clerk and Recording Secretary for Johnsburg and Taycheedah Sanitary District No. 3 – St. Peter Area Sanitary District; Andy Karls, Inspector for Taycheedah Sanitary District #1, Taycheedah Sanitary District #3; Dan Weber, Maintenance for Taycheedah Sanitary District #1.

This meeting was called for the purpose of meeting with representatives of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) to discuss the Winnebago Drive reconstruction project.

Matters under discussion were as follows:
• The DOT has a September 23rd deadline for submittal of documents. Documents that remain outstanding are as follows:
o Conveyance of Rights in Land with TSD#1,
o Conveyance of Rights in Land with TFDL#2, and
o State Municipal Agreement for Highway Improvement for a Highway Improvement Project (SMA) for TSD#1 and TFLD#2.
• The DOT is planning on a mid November letting of the project.
• The State’s designers are required to make considerations for existing utilities. Ron Cunzenheim submitted a list of conflicts to the DOT more than one year ago. Ron ranked the potential conflicts based upon severity.
• DOT explained the timing of preliminary and final plans, the time allowed for review and submittal of comments and the lack of response from the districts during the allotted review time.
o The DOT is willing to work with the district to accommodate adjustments, if possible. The DOT noted UPS delivery of the plans on CD, letter of transmission and other documents to Karen Schwengels. Karen noted receiving the package and turning it over to Ron Cunzenheim. DOT allows 120 days for the review of plans.
• In April, 2009, TSD#1 requested notification from the DOT when changes are made that will impact TSD#1.
• Adjustments for utilities in the right-of-way are at the cost of the utility owner.
August 12th, 2009 Joint Meeting 2.

• Fond du Lac County has requested increased width and storm sewers; which caused several of the conflicts with the sanitary sewers.
• The DOT will modify heights in the curbline at manhole locations, as needed.
• The districts do not want storm sewers directly over their sanitary sewers.
• Ron Cunzenheim explained specific modifications that could be made to the storm sewer inlets. DOT will review the possibility of consolidating intlets.
• FDL#2 submitted as-built drawings to the DOT some time in the past. It was unknown if, or when, as-builts were submitted during the plan development stage.
• The box culvert at the Taycheedah Creek is of great concern. It is anticipated that there will be only 2 feet of cover, half of it being stone, over the sanitary sewer. It is unknown if the sewer is in a private easement. The sewer also has very little pitch. DOT suggested relocation of the sewer or adding insulation over it. The plan does not show any modification to the sewer; DOT intended to leave it as is and build over it. TSD#1 is concerned about concrete being more conducive to freezing and that the lack of pitch would prohibit maintaining gravity flow in the event of relocation.
• TSD#1 requested a written agreement from the DOT accepting liability. DOT declined the request.
• A manhole is in the path of a new storm swale along Winnebago Drive. The manhole elevation will need to be reduced by approximately 2 feet or relocated.
• The grade level of the driveway at the lift station will need adjustment.
• Neither TSD#1 nor FDL#2 has executed the Conveyance of Rights.
• The districts requested the DOT provide written response/comments to each of the potential conflicts identified by Ron Cunzenheim. The DOT agreed to submit to the districts, within in two weeks, their suggestions for the most crucial issues (dark red items noted in Cunzenheim’s analysis). The State Municipal Agreement, to be completed by the districts, will address all other issues noted in Cunzenheim’s analysis accompanied by the estimated costs.
• The DOT will include the expected manhole adjustments in the State’s bid documents. The State’s contractor could be asked to do the work at the district’s costs.
• FDL#2 requested a slight shift in the project in order to avoid their sewer.
• All of the districts’ issues pertaining to the bridge at Roosevelt Park have been resolved. Specific accommodations to protect the sewer main will be made during winter construction.
• Ron Cunzenheim will submit, on behalf of the districts, a work plan to the DOT. The plan will stipulate specific conditions needed by the districts for protection when working in the dark red areas noted in his analysis. The DOT noted that if the contractor damages the sewer; the contractor will be responsible for repairs. The DOT added that a portion of some of the costs may be reimbursable if the estimated costs are included in the State Municipal Agreement.
• DOT intends to begin construction in early January with the bridges only. Roadway work would start in April. Project completion is later in 2010.

The meeting adjourned at 3:56 p.m.

Attest: ____________________________________
Brenda A. Schneider

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