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Park & Rec Committee
Thursday, October 8 2009
TIME: 6:30 p.m.
LOCATION: at the Taycheedah Town Hall



1) Discuss 2009 projects:
a) Hermanns Park development.
b) Kiekhaefer Park maintenance and projects.
c) Volunteer Workdays
2) Public Comments.
3) Adjournment.

Brenda A. Schneider
Town Clerk


The Park & Rec. Advisory Council met on Thursday, October 8th, 2009, at 6:30 p.m., at the Town Hall. Present were Chairperson Earl Jewett, Jim Bertram, Ed Braun, John Abler and Secretary Brenda Schneider. Absent were Jason Meyer, Bob Roehrig, John Rickert, Laura Pierret, Frank & Mary Alaniz, Janet Velasco, and Gary Morgen.
Chairperson Jewett called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
1) Discuss 2009 projects
a) Hermanns Park:
(1) Adolph & Virginia Schneider are interested in donating a flagpole.
(a) Lighting of the flag is an issue. Further research with Alliant is needed to determine if an electrified light can be installed at the location. The following options discussed were:
(i) Option 1-Two electric lights on a pole; one each to illuminate the flag and the intersection.
(ii) Option 2-Electric ground light on the flag.
(iii) Option 3-Solar light on the flagpole.
(iv) Option 4-One electric light on a pole to illuminate the flag and the intersection.
(b) The flagpole location is yet to be finalized.
(c) An aluminum light pole salvaged from the City of Fond du Lac will be used as the flagpole.
(2) The local 4-H, led by Judy Bertram, has completed plantings by the sign. Judy wants a photo with Committee Chairman Jewett at the site.
(3) The Evergreen Court right-of-way needs signage identifying it as a pedestrian trail.
(4) An eye witness has reported to a Committee member that he has seen vehicles stopping at the park just to allow their dogs to defecate. The owners and their dogs get back into their cars and leave without picking up the droppings. The Committee plans to install a pet clean-up supply station and signage.
b) Kiekhaefer Park:
(1) Sled hill lights--
(a) The Committee is working toward the installation of three lights
(b) Alliant will need to extend the electricity to the site by October 26th in order to avoid a cost increase due to the winter construction season.
(c) The concrete bases need to be placed and anchor patterns need to be fabricated.
(2) Retention Pond—
(a) Plantings had been done once late in the season. The plantings did not grow.
(b) Committee intends to retain Ledgeland Landscaping to re-seed, mulch and mat the area.
(c) The thistles also need to be sprayed.
(d) Chairman Jewett will contact Jim Colwin regarding the reimbursement of the costs for Ledgeland’s services.
(3) Prairie management—
(a) Cody Schreiber, Boy Scout, gathered a crew of helpers to remove sumac and treat stumps.
(b) Volunteers working with the Master Gardeners will remove buckthorn in November.
(4) Observation Hill fence—
(a) Cody Schreiber and his crew also fenced off an area at the sledding pit.
(5) Park Regulation signs—
(a) The Park rules sign has been modified. The Committee needs to order six new signs for posting at the Park entrances.
(6) Kiosk—
(a) Laura Pierrett has compiled seasonal information to be posted in the Family Corner of the kiosk. November’s topic is the white-tail deer.
(b) The Eagle Scouts will add information on invasive species.
(c) A list of donors will also be added.
(7) Erosion Control—
(a) Fill needs to be added at the end of the right-of-way.
(8) Railroad bed drainage—
(a) The Committee will rent a mini-backhoe to extend the 6” drainage tile several 100 feet to the existing ditch area.
October 8th, 2009 Park & Rec. Advisory Council 2.

(9) Trails—
(a) Last year Dr. Clement offered funding for trail grooming equipment. Chairman Jewett will re-establish contact regarding the offer.
(10) Benches—
(a) The Committee plans to install four benches.
(b) The snowmobile club will donate one bench.
(c) The Committee favored benches made of wood-looking vinyl.
(11) Restroom—
(a) The Committee will start working toward this goal.
(12) Silica Road parking lot—
(a) The DNR has the entire hill, from the driveway extending to the east, as a registered landfill site.
(b) The Committee consensus was to create a lot, large enough for eight vehicles, to the west of the driveway.
(c) John Abler and Mike Sabel will stake-out the parking are and move the gate and fence.
c.) Volunteer Workdays—
(1) November 7th at 8:00 a.m.

2) Public Comment. None given.

3) Adjournment. Chairman Jewett declared the meeting adjourned at 8:17 p.m.

Brenda A. Schneider

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