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Town Boards of the Towns of Fond du Lac, Friendship and Taycheedah
Tuesday, January 19 2010
TIME: 3:30 p.m.
LOCATION: at the Town of Fond du Lac Town Halll, W5990 W. Pioneer Road, Fond du Lac
Joint Stormwater Meeting


1. Call to order. Roll Call. Confirmation of open meeting notice.
2. Public comments
3. Discuss updates on outfall inspections.
4. Update on public education and outreach plans
5. Update on illicit discharge response procedures
6. Update on MS4 maps
7. Update on stormwater ordinances
8. Update on proposed revisions to NR 151
9. Discuss preparations for 2009 annual report and permit renewal
10. Schedule next meeting
11. Adjourn


The Joint Stormwater Meeting was called to order by Town of Fond du Lac Chairman Harold Manske. Confirmation was made of open meeting notice. Members present were:
Town of Fond du Lac: Harold Manske, LeRoy Schmitz, Phyllis Giese, Patti Supple and Jody Roffers
Town of Taycheedah: Brenda Schneider and Jim Rosenthal
Town of Friendship: no representative present
Also present were Attorney Matt Parmentier and from AECOM, Carolyn Burger and Joe Hanson

There were no public comments.

Joe Hanson reported that each Township was visited and outfalls were inspected. Representatives from each Town viewed the outfalls and were shown how to inspect them. Notebooks were issued for each Town with appropriate forms, maps and procedural instructions. These notebooks must be kept on file at each Town Hall. Step by step procedures for yearly inspections and complaints are in each notebook. Attorney Parmentier reported that copies of the inspection reports and any complaints will be filed with the annual report. He also noted that the bi-annual permit is up for renewal this year.

Public outreach and education is an ongoing project. Attorney Parmentier noted that he has a list of ongoing projects, completed projects and projects yet to do. The Town of Fond du Lac has submitted its completed outreach and education form, but Gus Glaser will not review until the annual report is submitted. The Towns of Friendship and Taycheedah will submit there forms with the annual report.

The Illicit discharge response procedures and all maps are included in the above mentioned notebook from AECOM.

Although each Township has approved and submitted the adopted Illicit Discharge Ordinance and the County Stormwater Ordinance, no approval has been received from Gus Glaser on the submittals.

Proposed revisions of the NR 151 were reviewed. If these revisions are adopted, the site and drainage ordinances will need to be revised to reflect the revisions. It was noted that a form will be needed to confirm sediment control, such as silt fencing, straw bales, etc, for any construction in the Towns.

Preparations are underway for the completion of the Annual Report and Permit renewal. The forms are not available as yet, but should be forwarded to Attorney Parmentier for completion. A meeting will be held prior to the March Monthly Board Meetings to review the forms before approval.

Since AECOM has completed all contractural duties, if future help is required, it will be on a time and materials basis. Jim Bachhuber will forward a revised contract reflecting this change.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 16, 2010 at 4:00 pm at the Fond du Lac Town Hall.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 4:25 pm. Motion carried.

Submitted by Patti Supple, Town of Fond du Lac Clerk

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