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Board of Appeals
Monday, June 21 2010
TIME: 7:30 p.m.
LOCATION: at the Taycheedah Town Hall
Public Hearing


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Taycheedah, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, will conduct a public hearing at the Taycheedah Town Hall, W4295 Kiekhaefer Parkway, on Monday, June 21st, 2010, at 7:30 p.m., for the purpose of considering a variance application submitted by James & Cheryl Basler. The Baslers request an exception to Town of Taycheedah Code of Ordinances, Section 13-1-24(f)(3)(a), Highway Setback Lines. The Baslers propose to construct a new home with a reduced front setback. The property is located at N9092 Welling Beach Road.

All affected and interested parties are encouraged to attend and be heard.

A quorum of the Town Board members may be in attendance.

Brenda A. Schneider
Secretary of Appeals Board


The Town of Taycheedah Board of Appeals conducted a public hearing on Monday, June 21, 2010, on behalf of James & Cheri Basler. Mr. & Mrs. Basler requests a variance to Section 13-1-24(f)(3)(b), Highway Setback Lines, of the Town of Taycheedah's Code of Ordinances, to allow for the construction of a home with a reduced front setback. The Basler property is located at N9092 Welling Beach Road.

Members present were Chairman James Rosenthal, John Buechel, Tom Friess, Gale Burg and Jason Meyer. The Secretary, Brenda Schneider, taped recorded the hearing and took notes.

The Chairman called the hearing to order at 7:30 pm. The Secretary read the notice.

James Basler was sworn in. His testimony and responses to Board of Appeals members' questions were as follows:
The cabin is 90 years old and has been used by the family on a seasonal basis.
He proposes to demolish the cabin and build their primary retirement home.
They looked at several options and worked with Brenda Schneider for several months.
The beach road over time has moved to the west. The road area includes an asphalted parking area.
If using the platted road area, the setback would be 69 feet.
They propose a stick-built two-story home 1,700-1850 square feet.
They also propose an attached garage that is 24 feet deep to allow for steps into the house.
The elevation of the home will be set by Fond du Lac County Shoreland Zoning.
Most other structures in the area have approximately 40 foot setbacks.
In order to build the 24 foot deep garage and at least 800 sf on the first floor of the home, the structure will require a reduced front setback.
It was noted that a variance would not be needed if the road were built per the plat. Section 13-1-24(c)(1) states that determining centerline is done by finding the midway point between the edges of the road surface.
Basler stated that their hardships are the lake setback and fact that the road is not within the platted roadway and that it is a private road.
Basler stated that the proposed structure would not impede emergency traffic.

Gary Schneider, N9106 Welling Beach, and Paul Meizensperger, N9090 Welling Beach, spoke in support of the variance.

Jim Rosenthal motioned to approve a variance for the construction of a home with a 57 foot front setback, noting the minimum lakeside setback will be met and that without a variance, the house would not be able to meet the other setback requirements, further noting that a garage is not a necessity and that emergency vehicle traffic shall not be impeded. The motion was seconded by Tom Friess.
Roll call vote:
Jason Meyer aye
Tom Friess aye
Gale Burg aye
John Buechel aye
Jim Rosenthal aye Motion carried (5-0).

Mr. Basler was informed that construction must substantially begin within six months. He was also informed that he must obtain all necessary permits from the County and the Town and must have it inspected.

Gale Burg motioned to adjourn at 8:07 p.m., seconded by John Buechel. Motion carried (5-0).

Brenda A. Schneider, Secretary

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