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Park & Rec Committee
Thursday, September 8 2011
TIME: 6:30 p.m.
LOCATION: at the Taycheedah Town Hall
Business Meeting


1) Call to order.
2) Approval of the minutes of the 7/20/11 meeting.
3) Discuss 2011 projects:
a) Hermanns Park maintenance and projects.
b) Kiekhaefer Park maintenance and projects.
c) Volunteer Workdays.
4) Next meeting.
5) Public Comments.
6) Adjournment.

Brenda A. Schneider
Town Clerk


The Park & Rec. Advisory Council met on Thursday, September 8th, 2011, at 6:30 p.m., at the Town Hall. Present were Chairperson Earl Jewett, Ed Braun and John Rickert.

1) Call to order. Chairman Earl Jewett called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
2) Approve the minutes of the July 20th, 2011 meeting. Motion by Ed Braun, second by John Rickert, to approve the minutes of the July 20th meeting as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
3) Discuss 2011 projects:
a) Hermanns Park maintenance and projects.
Four donated benches are expected to be installed in the next couple of weeks.
b) Kiekhaefer Park maintenance and projects.
Edge the Ledge Adventure Race.
o It was a well managed, exciting and fun event.
o Approximately 350 participants.
o Only issue was limited water supply for rinsing mud off of participants.
o Parking availability was nearly to the maximum level using lawn areas in addition to the parking lots and along the road on the north side. No parking signs were posted along the south side. Conditions were dry so there was no damage to the sod.
o The organizer plans to attend the September 12th Board Meeting to present a donation.
o Vehicles were driven all over the Park. Wet conditions could have caused significant and costly damage. This matter will be addressed with the organizer before hosting another event.
o Committee plans to be more involved with the promoter regarding the race obstacles.
o The Committee discussed developing written regulations applicable to all future events.
Adventure Area.
o Committee held preliminary discussion regarding the development of an adventure area in the lower area of the sledding bowl.
Land Purchase.
o The Schmitz land purchase is nearing completion.
o The legal description has been re-written based upon input from Eileen Schmitz.
o The revised Quit Claim Deed will be presented to the Board on September 12th for acceptance.
West Boundary.
o The west property line bordering the Schmitz property, to the tower property, to the Schmitz property, to the Town property (just south of the westerly-facing bench overlooking the Lake), has been located and marked by the surveyor.
September 8th, 2011 Park & Rec Committee 2.

o The brush needs to be removed up to the boundary line.
o Committee will research placing a more prominent fence along the boundary line.
Trail Grooming.
o Chairman Jewett reported on the availability of an Alpine II snowmobile for $1,500.
o The current snowmobile is problematic due to the fact that it is geared for racing.
o The current sled could be sold with the proceeds used to purchase the Alpine. Donated funds will need to cover any shortfall in funds.
o Ed Braun moved to pursue the purchase of the Alpine II snowmobile, seconded by John Rickert. Motion carried.
o Dave Hornung has been working on maps of the Park.
o Committee will obtain a project status report from Dave.
Donated Benches.
o Ed Braun donated several deck benches for use in the Park.
Friends of Kiekhaefer Park.
o A meeting is planned at the conclusion of this meeting, with the intent of developing a volunteer base.
o An informational notice was dispersed to various outlets.
c) Volunteer Workdays. The next workday will be held on Saturday, November 5th.
4) Next Meeting. The next Committee meeting will be held on September 22nd, at 6:30 pm.
5) Public Comment. None presented.
6) Adjournment. Motion by John Rickert, seconded by Ed Braun, to adjourn at 7:42 pm. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Brenda Schneider

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