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Park & Rec Committee
Wednesday, June 3 2015
TIME: 6:30 p.m.
LOCATION: at the Taycheedah Town Hall


1) Call to order.
2) Budget review.
3) Discussion:
a) Deadwood Point Park maintenance and projects.
b) Gladstone Park maintenance and projects.
c) Hermanns Park maintenance and projects.
d) Kiekhaefer Park maintenance and projects.
e) Scenic Overlook maintenance and projects.
f) Volunteer Workdays.
4) Next meeting.
5) Public Comments.
6) Adjournment.

Brenda A. Schneider
Town Clerk


JUNE 3, 2015
6:30 P.M.

Present: John Abler, Jim Bertram, Earl Jewett, Tom Klamrowski, John Rickert, Bob Roehrig, Dave Sehloff and Brenda Schneider.

1. Called to order. The meeting was called to order at 6:32 pm by Chairman Earl Jewett.

2. Budget review. The 2015 Budget allocations for parks are $3,500 for maintenance and projects; $800 for the dumpster; and $250 for misc. expenses-all sites. The following expenses are expected:
Hermanns Park--$1,000-electricity and woodchips for the playground.
Kiekhaefer Park--$200-electricity.
o Estimated remaining funds-$2,028.04 (net of actual and estimated expenses).

3. Discussion:

a. Deadwood Point Park maintenance and projects. The Park is primarily used by kiteboarders. The Town continues to struggle with zebra mussels obstructing the drainage ditch. No projects are planned at this time.

b. Gladstone Park maintenance and projects. Fishing at the Park continues to increase. Blue Gill Drive is planned for asphalt reconstruction this summer. No projects within the Park are planned at this time.

c. Hermanns Park maintenance and projects. The woodchips in the playground will be replenished in 2015.
The Lakeshore Elementary parent/teacher organization constructed a Little Free Library to be installed at the Park. The wood structure needs to be treated or painted before installation.
Committee will suggest a few boulders be placed along the parking area to prevent driving on the lawn.

d. Kiekhaefer Park maintenance and projects. The wood bench at the top of the ski hill was demolished and burned. Mike Sabel removed the remains and replace the bench with a large flat stone.
Sabel and his staff are working on a ditching project along the driveway to the brush site. Gravel has also been added to the driveway.
Earl Jewett met with Dave Haase, John Bartow and a few members of the mountain biking group in April. Jewett expressed concern with ignoring signage, removing signs and creating unauthorized trails. The basic message was that the trails need to be sustainable to the Park environment, compatible with other Park users and safe.
Haase and Bartow planned to organize a meeting with the mountain biking community. Jewett has yet to receive confirmation as to the date of said meeting.
After the May Committee meeting, Jewett reported posting a sign at the top of the ski hill regarding discontinuing use of the unauthorized trail down the hill. Users ignored the sign and created two new trails, one around each side of the sign.
Committee acknowledged the need to again properly mark the biking trails. Bob Roehrig reported having approximately 100 trail markers ready for installation. The bikers were expected to assist with the installation.
Jewett has been posting trail closure signs at the Park and posting the information on a website. Jewett indicated that he needs assistance with these efforts when he is out of town.
Committee discussed the fact that other parks have closed to mountain biking activities due to misuse. Committee consensus was to attempt to re-connect with Haase, Bartow and a few others involved with the biking community. They will be asked to respond by July 1; noting failure to do so may result in the closing of the biking trails.
Members Earl Jewett and Dave Sehloff will discuss possible re-designs of the sign kiosk.
There continues to be a wet area beyond the north end of the railroad trail. Committee will research the source of the water drainage. Gravel may be added to the area.
The Town Board approved Holyland Snowflyers Snowmobile Club's request to use the Park and the former Kiekhaefer Race Track for a vintage sled ride fund-raising event to be held January 30th. The Club has begun brush and tree clearing on the track. Several small pine trees were moved from the track to the center area.
The Clerk contacted the Town's insurance carrier regarding the Town's liability for volunteers cutting wood in the Park. They indicated, via email, that the Town would be protected under the municipal immunity law. They recommend obtaining proof of insurance from the person cutting wood; homeowner's liability would be sufficient. They further indicated that a permit would not be needed, however they recommended the person sign a liability waiver for any injuries they would sustain while on our property cutting wood. Jim Bertram will handle getting a copy of the Club's certificate of insurance due to their activities in the Park in preparation for their January 30th event.
The emerald ash borer is likely to impact the Park in approximately 10 years. Jewett will confirm with Mark Kirschling for the harvesting of ash trees during the 2016 season.
Tom Vanden Elzen, DNR Forester, also recommended increasing the diversity of tree species by planting hickory nuts and acorns. Jewett contact four youth groups for assistance with this fall project. One of the groups has responded so far.
Mike Matteson spoke with John Abler regarding disc golf. There is still some interest in constructing an 18-hole course in Kiekhaefer Park. The course could start in the Overlook. Matteson claimed there would be little to no disruption of the other park-users, nor to the trees and vegetation. Reportedly, a Madison course profits more than $100,000 annually from the sport. Matteson is aware of a rustic park run on the honor system. Abler will further research the subject over the summer. It was noted that the City discontinues disc golf at Buttermilk Creek Park; the reason is unknown to the group.

e. Scenic Overlook maintenance and projects. No projects are planning at this time.

f. Volunteer Workdays. Work to be completed involve installing horse trail signs, mountain bike signs, and map signs. Jewett has been working on spraying wild parsnip and expects to spray thistle in two weeks. Jewett will email a July date.

4. Next meeting. Wednesday, July 1 and August 5, at 6:30 p.m.

5. Public comment. None presented.

6. Adjournment. Chairman Jewett declared the meeting adjourned at 7:52 p.m.

Attest: ______________________________
Brenda A. Schneider, Clerk

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