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Town Board
Monday, December 11 2017
TIME: 7:00 p.m.
LOCATION: at the Taycheedah Town Hall
Monthly Meeting


Monthly Board Meeting
Monday, December 11th, 2017
7:00 p.m., at the Town Hall
W4295 Kiekhaefer Parkway
Fond du Lac, WI

Call to order.
Pledge of Allegiance.
Approval of meeting minutes.
Park & Rec. Advisory Council.
Road Dept. Manager's Report.
Review financial reports.
Approval of Town bills.

Mike Immel, Rural Mutual Ins. Co., will review the Town's insurance coverage.

Unfinished Business
1. Kennel Licenses - approvals
2. Bond Ordinance
3. Utility Ordinance - discussion and possibly appoint contact person
4. Remote Meeting Participation (revisited from July 2017)

New Business
1. Appointment of Election Officials 2018-2019
2. 2018 Annual Meeting - April 17, 2018
3. Planning Board & Board of Appeals Responsibilities - per October 2017 training
4. Conditional Use Permit Training - Town of FdL, January 24, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.
5. Certified Survey Maps

Ordinance Enforcement

Public comments and questions pertaining to town business


Kristin A. Marcoe, Clerk

Please note, upon reasonable notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of disabled individuals through appropriate aids and services. For additional information, or to request this service, please contact Kristin Marcoe at 921-5224.


December 11, 2017
7:00 p.m.

Member present: Chairman Joe Thome, Supervisors John Abler, Bill Gius, Jim Rosenthal II and Tim Simon. Also present: Clerk Kristin Marcoe, Treasurer Kathy Diederich and Road Maintenance Manager Randy Rieder.

Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance:
Chairman Thome called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Approval of Meeting Minutes:
Motioned by Tim Simon with correction to the traffic signs placed in the park for trail use, second by John Abler to approve the minutes of the November 13, 2017 Monthly Board Meeting. Motion carried (5-0).

Park & Rec. Advisory Council: John Abler stated clean-up for the upcoming 2018 Sno-Bol is complete. He also met with representatives from the Disc Golf Club to discuss moving forward with plans in the 2018 spring/summer season.

Road Department Managers Report: Randy Rieder informed the Board we hired one new driver. The new truck was put to use with the first snowfall with no issues. The old truck is listed on the state auction site and will expire on December 21, 2017.

Review Financial Reports:
The financial reports were presented by Treasurer Kathy Diederich. November was a slow month. There is adequate cash to pay the invoices. The last state shared revenue payment was received and the real estate taxes are being printed along with the inserts (Advanced Disposal calendar, Town News flier and Tax Collection information). Motioned by Chairman Thome, second by Jim Rosenthal II to approve the financial report. Motion carried (5-0).

Approval of Town Bills:
One additional payable was added to the list and an expense description was corrected. Manholes patched by Fahrner Asphalt was paid by the Town. Discussion and approved by the board to have the appropriate sanitary district pay for half the costs. Motioned by John Abler, second by Tim Simon to approve the bills (order #447-482) with the additional payable added and invoice the appropriate sanitary districts for half the manhole patching. Motion carried (5-0).

Mike Immel from Rural Mutual Insurance went through the upcoming 2018 workers compensation and business property coverage. He asked if any changes are needed to let him know.

Unfinished Business:
1. Kennel Licenses: The following licenses were approved. Jim Feyen: N9103 County Road W, Robert Shulman, W4224 Kiekhaefer Pkwy. and Tyler Tauges: N8205 CTH QQ. Chairman Thome motioned to approve the kennel licenses, second by Jim Rosenthal II. Motion carried (5-0).
2. Bond Ordinance: Ordinance was drawn up by Attorney Parmentier keeping our Treasurer's bond at $250,000.00. Jim Rosenthal II motioned to accept the bond ordinance, second by John Abler. Motion carried (5-0).
3. Utility Ordinance: Chairman Thome confirmed the Town of Taycheedah has a utility ordinance in place. Supervisor Bill Gius stated he is gathering information and met with the City/County of Fond du Lac regarding their procedures. Further discussion regarding a contact person will be during the January 2018 monthly meeting.
4. Remote Meeting Participation: Chairman Thome stated the remote meeting participation was last discussed during the July 10, 2017 meeting. If an agenda item needs a vote and all members were not available it could be resolved by moving the item to the next monthly meeting or schedule a special meeting. Jim Rosenthal II motioned to drop the remote meeting participation option, second by Tim Simon. Motion carried (5-0).

New Business:
1. Appointment of 2018-19 Election Officials: Motioned by Chairman Thome, second by Bill Gius to appoint the following Town residents:

Jean Sabel
Karen Zuehlke
Jean Hensen
Joanne Thome
Kathleen Huth
Marcie Jost
Sandra Gissal
Barbara Spies
Kim Kabat
Mollie Kabat
Christine Costello
Mary Buechel
Janet Furtak

Judy Simon
Jolene Meyer
Rebecca Ries
Lorraine Thome
Cheri Everson
Diane Thome
Barbara Buechel
Loraine (Lori) Diederichs
Dawn Rieder
Terri Emanuel
Laurie Diederichs
Judy Bertram
Elizabeth Hayes

Motion carried (5-0).

2. 2018 Annual Meeting: The 2018 Annual Meeting of the Electors must be held on the third Tuesday in April or within 10 days thereafter. Motioned by Chairman Thome, second by Jim Rosenthal II to conduct the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Electors on Tuesday, April, 17, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. Motion carried unanimously (5-0).
3. Planning Board & Board of Appeals Responsibilities: A training session was held in October 2017 by Jeff Sanders. During the training he advised the Plan Commission be responsible for approving conditional use permits. Clerk Marcoe will work with Attorney Parmentier to have the language changed within the zoning ordinance for the January 8, 2018 meeting. Motioned by Chairman Thome to have the Plan Commission approve the conditional use permits, second by Jim Rosenthal II. Motion carried (5-0).
4. Conditional Use Permit Training: Attorney Matt Parmentier will be conducting a free training session on January 24, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. The location is at the Town of Fond du Lac's Town Hall on Pioneer Road. Plan Commission Members, Board of Appeals Members and Town Board Members are encouraged to attend.
5. Certified Survey Maps: None were presented

Ordinance Enforcement:

Public Comments:
Mike Blanck had questions regarding the L&H Gyr conditional use permit and the 5 acre reclamation plan. He indicated a dozer and backhoe were moved on the site December 6, 2017. Attorney Parmentier sent Clerk Marcoe the draft of the permit for review. Clerk Marcoe distributed copies to Jerome Bord and Jason Meyer for their review and is waiting for approval. Chairman Thome will check with the County of Fond du Lac for further information.

Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt was in attendance of our meeting and asked if anyone had any questions to please see him after the meeting. The Town of Taycheedah scheduled a listening session with Rep. Thiesfeldt on Monday, January 29th 2018 from 2:00 - 3:00 pm at the Town Hall. The public is encouraged to attend.

Motion to adjourn by John Abler, second by Bill Gius. Motion carried (5-0). Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Kristin A. Marcoe

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